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We make healthy & tasty dishes all our spices are hand grounded so that you enjoy the freshness in every meal with that get good health.

Our Menu:

1.Broast Kitchen

2.Pepper Chicken

3.Peri Peri Chicken

4.Shawarma Chicken

5.Mint Paneer Dry

6.Mutton Cutlet

7.Mutton Samosa

8.Mutton Biryani

9.Chicken Biryani

We provide home food for maximum 10 people per day

Every day from 1pm to 4pm only!

For same day order by 8am

Contact us @9845248207

Cooking and Food Specifications
Clean Cooking Utensils: Yes
Cooking Salt: Refined quality
Cooking Water: Pure Water/Mineral Water used
Fresh Meat Used: Yes
Fresh Vegetables: Yes

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